Top 25 Fascinating Facts about Freemasonry!


Even though we have all heard about Freemasonry and its apparent plan to establish worldwide control through implementing a new world order, how many of us know anything about the organization? Fraternal organizations like Freemasonry have a strong history. Masonry's roots may be traced back to ancient times, but it was only in 1717 that Londoners began to notice its public activities. Even though early Masonry was highly secretive, it was not until 1696 that the fraternity's rituals were made public.

Since then, there have been thousands of articles on this not-so-secret group. Freemasonry's bonds of friendship, sympathy and brotherly love have remained through political, military, and religious turbulence for millennia. No, it is not a forum, and it is not a temple. Unlike other religions, this one does not have a set of beliefs to follow. Nevertheless, numerous issues remain with this so-called brotherhood. Freemasonry's goals and objectives can be better understood if we know these 25 Interesting Facts About Freemasonry.

25. There are roughly five million Freemasons in different parts of the world.

24. In addition, the Freemasons are not a covert organization. Masons are free to identify themselves as such. However, they cannot expose the order's secrets.

23. On June 24, 1717, the Grand Lodge of London was established. As the first Grand Lodge to regulate other lodges, our Grand Lodge has a long and rich history.

22. The square and compasses are Freemasonry's traditional emblem because it uses stonemasonry tools and equipment to teach principles, fraternity, and brotherly love.

21. Masonic insignia are generally approved because of the brotherhood's secrecy. In addition, the symbols served as reminders of the fraternity's core values for those who could not read.

20. Square and compasses reflect the human condition. Despite its widespread recognition, the symbol's exact meaning varies from country to country.

19. Members of a Masonic "lodge" meet together at a specific location. However, each lodge is governed autonomously by a "Grand Lodge." Therefore, there is no one-size-fits-all meeting procedure; each group has its own unique rules.

18. Freemasons do not accept atheists as members. Members must first have faith and belief.

17. There are two recognized branches of Freemasonry, including the Grand Orient & the Lesser Grand Lodges of England.

16. Freemasons identify each other by various "secret" clues, such as the infamous Freemason handshake (in which the thumb momentarily uniformly brushes one another's hands) and the Masonic ring on the wearer's finger.

15. The Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik was a Freemason, according to reports.

14. Members of the Masonic fraternity are not allowed to testify truthfully against their fellow members. They admit it may be perjury, but the greater evil is not defending one of their own.

13. Freemasonry has no representative. Instead, various people from various organizations make up this body, which is subordinate to the Grand Lodge in its regulatory authority. These persons or organizations are not authorized to speak on behalf of Freemasonry; each Grand Lodge has that duty.

12. Was it ever dawned on you that the Statue of Liberty has Masonic roots? Frederic Bartholdi, the man behind the iconic monument, was a Freemason.

11. As a result, the stonemason guild relied on secret handshakes and passwords to keep information private and secure.

10. Clear Lake Lodge #1417, where Buzz Aldrin belonged, is a Texas lodge. During the Apollo 11mission, he remotely controlled the Lunar Module. Then, he and his Grand Master's special envoy stepped on the moon to assert Texas' claim to the territory. Glenn belonged to the Masonic fraternity.

9. During a Kentucky Freemasonry meeting, Catherine Babington went unnoticed, hiding under the pulpit for nearly a year. Then, for a month, she was held in prison.

8. Other notable Freemasons include J. Edgar Hoover and Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain, and Charles Darwin.

7. Masonic and Illuminati conspiracy theories are included in this list of 7. For this reason, most people have never heard of the Illuminati, whereas Freemasons can openly profess to be a part of the organization.

6. According to Hitler, the Nazis massacred between 80,000 and 200,000 Freemasons because they were a "Jewish tool.". 

5. Women are not allowed in the United States; however, they are regularly allowed to join Europe.

4. As a culture, we are all sun worshipers.

3. Members of American Freemasonry must believe in God, but it is up to them to choose what that belief means.

2. One of Chicago's most notable landmarks is the Masonic Temple. It was 22 stories high.

1. During the American Civil War, opponents who discovered they were Freemasons banded together and saved one other's lives. There was no rapid decline of love for the craft throughout the conflict.