Fascinating Elon Musk Facts


Elon Musk is well-known for some of his far-fetched assertions as well as theories. Musk was born and grew up in South Africa and is also the inventor of the battery-powered vehicle firm Tesla as well as the lunar exploration business SpaceX. He seems to have some insane hopes for the long term. The Hyperloop, a future large-scale transit concept, a permanent settlement on Mars supported by economic space exploration, connecting our minds to technology, and constructing polymorphic microsatellites to bring internet connectivity connection to the media are just a few of his concepts. As a consequence of all this, Musk has become one of the greatest provocative and distinctive businessmen of his era. Continue reading to learn more fascinating facts regarding Elon Musk and his revolutionary company, Tesla.

1. He came up with the idea for a videogame.

While Elon Musk reached 12 years old, musk produced and marketed a computer game to a publication. Computer and Office Computing publication bought 'Blastar,' a space battle game, for $500. Elon also started working for a game start-up called 'Rocket Science.'

2. Musk was on the verge of selling Tesla to Google.

Musk nearly sold Tesla to Google for approximately $11 billion in 2013, as per Ashlee Vance, writer of Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, as well as the Quest for just a Wonderful Revolution. Musk asked Larry Page, Google's co-founder, and CEO, for a buyout when Tesla's prospects appeared dismal. Musk offered that Google buys Tesla for $6 billion in exchange for yet another $5 billion in manufacturing development. According to Musk, Google founder should also pass up ownership of Tesla to Musk during the next 8 years. When purchases of Tesla's S Model, an all five-door liftback, started to ramp up, the arrangement stopped at the stroke of midnight. By 2020, Tesla is estimated to be valued at approximately $100 billion.

3. Zip2 was his maiden company.

Musk's initial commercial effort was indeed the creation of Zip2, a firm that offered mapping and business websites to publications and was eventually acquired by Compaq for $307,000,000.

4. After only a couple of days at Stanford, Elon quit home.

When Elon reached 17 years old, musk and his mother, sister, and brother relocated from South Africa to Ontario. He attended Kingston University in Kingston, Canada, for 2 years. He received two bachelors of science degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. One was in physics and another in finance. Subsequently, he moved to California to obtain a Ph.D. in applied science at Stanford University. After a couple of weeks, he left school to co-found Zip2 Corporation alongside his brother Kimbal, which provides authorized online city recommendations for news organizations. He resold the firm to Compaq for $300 million in 1999.

5. Musk appeared in an episode of 'The Simpsons,' The Big Bang Theory is a television show about the origins of the

Musk was a guest somewhat on the famous television program The Simpsons in 2015. The flamboyant CEO (played by Elon Musk) lands in Springfield in a spaceship and gets motivation from Homer Simpson in the episode "The Musk Who Fell to Earth." That same year, Musk starred in a podcast of the hit comedy The Big Bang Theory. He portrayed himself within the show.