6 Incredible Facts About Dolphins


Dolphins are one of the few sea creatures that most people love. After all, they are beautiful and caring. Not to mention dolphins are highly friendly, unlike many other marine animals.

In this world, there are about 42 different species of dolphins currently. All of them have unique features and abilities. So if you're interested in these mammals, you're in the right place.

Here are six incredible facts about dolphins that will make your day.

  1. They Have Two Stomachs

There are only a few animals on this planet that have two stomachs. And dolphins are amongst them. They use one stomach for storing the food they ingest. Meanwhile, the other one is where actual digestion takes place.

However, not all dolphins have two stomachs. There are some species that contain only one. But in these dolphins, the stomach has three chambers with specialized functions.

  • Dolphins Have Identities Too

We, humans, have our names that allow others to recognize us. But do you ever wonder how dolphins do that? Well, the answer is simple they have names too.

If you listen to dolphins carefully, you'll realize that each one has a unique whistle. And this is how the members of their family identify them. Of course, dolphins use other unique sounds to communicate as well.

  • They Love To Blow Bubbles

Sometimes you may observe dolphins blowing bubbles in the water. They do this to hunt prey. By creating the bubbles, they trick the prey into coming out.

Besides that, dolphins also use an intelligent technique for hunting. This is called fish-whacking. The mammals first hit the tail of fish to slow it down by stunning. After that, they capture the prey using their teeth and consume them.

  • Dolphins Don’t Use Teeth For Eating

All mammals have teeth for chewing food and breaking it down. However, dolphins eat uniquely. They don't use their teeth for eating. Instead, they swallow their prey as a whole.

Additionally, different dolphins have different ways of swallowing. For example, the bottlenose dolphin eats fish by swallowing their head first. This prevents them from choking on the spines of the prey.

  • Dolphins Can Keep Their Brain Partially Awake

This feature is unique to Bottlenose dolphins. These mammals sleep with half of their brain awake at one time. Not only that, but they also keep an eye open.

It is believed that dolphins do the actions mentioned above to protect themselves from predators. Besides that, it allows them to breathe and not drown. In addition, an open eye enables them to keep their pack together.

  • They Have A Unique Birthing Mechanism

Dolphins give birth to their offspring rather than laying eggs. Besides that, the way they do this is used by only them. During the birth period, the tail of their young one comes out first. And then the rest of the body emerges.

Final Words

That was your complete guide to the six incredible facts about dolphins. They are caring creatures that should be protected at all costs.