6 facts about Ukraine


Many people are unfamiliar with Ukraine, except for the flag and the fact that it is located in Eastern Europe. So here are 6 intriguing facts about the nation!

1. Europe's largest country:

Ukraine is Europe's largest country. It is almost three times the size of the United Kingdom and outnumbers the second biggest country, France, by 50,000 square kilometers. The nation is divided into 24 oblasts (regions) (counties).

Ukraine has a lot to offer with such a large land. The beautiful Carpathian Mountains provide breathtaking views of woodlands, rivers, and meadows to coasts near Odesa and vibrant cultural centers like Kyiv and Lviv. It is not simply a massive country, but also one that is different and interesting.

2. UNESCO Seven World Heritage sites are located in Ukraine

Ukraine is culturally known to have a wide range of tourists spots all over the country. Among these spots are some of the cultural heritage sites which have been preserved by the government of Ukraine. An interesting fact about Ukraine is that it has seven world heritage sites UNESCO. Information regarding these sites can be found online.

3. The language

The Ukrainian language is Ukraine's single official language. Surprisingly, in 1934, the Ukrainian language was rated the third most beautiful language after French and Persian; it was also voted the second most melodious, behind only Italian. Furthermore, many Ukrainians are multilingual: you will find people who speak or understand Russian in many places.

Eastern Orthodox Christianity is a major religion, and it has had a significant impact on Ukrainian architecture, literature, and music.


Ukraine has a well public mass transit infrastructure. Every major metropolitan area and economic center is connected to the railway system and receives train services from those other major metropolitan areas on a daily basis. Many cities also offer inexpensive and efficient bus and tram systems, with fares as low as 8UAH (0.3$). Airports in Ukraine are easily accessible by public transportation and service buses and taxis that charge around 7UAH per kilometer. You may also take an overnight train from the railway station to Kyiv Boryspil Airport.

5. The steepest subway station in the universe

Arsenalna, located on Kyiv's Sviatoshynsko-Brovarska railway line, is the world's deepest metro station, measuring 105.5 meters below ground. It may be unsettling to look down from the top of the towering escalator into the darkness of the subway below. However, their creation began during the cold war era, when the threat of nuclear bombs meant that such subterranean systems may protect Kyiv people from such calamity. Thus, even in such mundane duties, the influence of fighting in the twentieth century may be seen.

6. Ukrainian Food culture

Chicken, pig, beef, eggs, fish, and mushrooms are common ingredients in Ukrainian gastronomy. Ukrainians also consume large amounts of potatoes, cereal, and fresh and pickled vegetables. Ukrainian food is immensely varied and interesting, with unique ethnic minority groups and a rich international background bringing a wide range of cuisines to the plate.