22 Amazing Tree Facts That Will Surprise You


Some of the facts about trees in this list might surprise you. On the other hand, you'll probably read about some you never expected to learn, and others might confirm what you already knew. But either way, there's something for everyone in these surprising facts about trees.

1. By planting 20 million trees, the earth will receive 260 million more tons of oxygen and 10 million tons less CO2.

2. It's important to know that trees are phanerogams. That means they reproduce with flowers, so it's easy to spot the specialized reproductive organs.

3. The bark of trees under the shade is thinner than those growing in sunny places.

4. Nutrients and water are absorbed by the root system and transported via the connective tissue to leaves. Leaves then send sugar down through the vascular system to the roots.

5. A tree planted in 288 BC in India is believed to have been propagated from Buddha's original fig tree. It's one of the most sacred trees in the entire world.

6. Trees help improve water quality by slowing and filtering rainwater. They also protect aquifers and watersheds.

7. Babies born in more forestry-rich areas are less likely to be born underweight.

8. Palms are not exactly trees- they are massive, woody herbs according to botanical definition.

9. Forest management, deforestation, and variations in land use are responsible for the loss of 16 billion trees every year.

10. In pagan times, people believed that good spirits were present in trees. This belief is the root of the common phrase 'knock on wood.'

11. The ailanthus is alleged to be the only tree capable of growing in cement.

12. A single tree can absorb as much carbon as an automobile travels while driving 26,000 miles in one year.

13. Children living in areas with more trees have a lower chance of being diagnosed with asthma.

14. Trees and grass produce oxygen, but grass doesn't absorb carbon dioxide.

15. Pine trees, with the exception of Antarctica, grow on six out of seven continents.

16. The coffee that everyone loves to drink comes from trees.

17. Chocolate lovers are surprised when they learn that cocoa comes from the seed pods of a tree.

18. Dendrochronology is used to date trees, revealing more than just their age. Scientists can also learn about the climate that a tree had grown in, where it has lived, and when it died.

19. Trees provide many benefits for houses. Houses with lots of trees sell for 18-25% more than houses with no trees.

20. There's such as a thing as male and female pinecones. Female pinecones make seeds, and male pinecones shed pollen. Pollination happens when the wind, carrying pollen from male cones, blows into female cones and deposits the pollen there.

21. Trees that grow in humid areas or near large bodies of water have broad leaves. Trees that grow in dry environments have small, hard leaves that reduce water loss.

22. Certain types of trees are the best at releasing oxygen, while others are the best at removing pollutants from the air.


The world needs trees, and we need them for more reasons than just because they give us oxygen. If we want to live in a healthy society, then we must treasure our trees and make sure we do everything possible help them grow and flourish. Hopefully, these facts will make you want to protect trees even more and maybe plant a few too.