10 Mind-Blowing Facts About The Brain You Did Not Know Before


Our brain is one of the most complex and sophisticated machines out there. You might think you know everything about it, but you don’t. Here are the top facts about the brain that will blow you away.

1. Human Brain Can Store 2,500,000 GB

Yes, while forgetting is a normal part of our daily lives, our brain can easily store 2,500,000 GB worth of data. The fact was revealed by a Professor of Psychology at Northwestern University, Paul Reber. That is equal to stuffing your brain with more than three hundred years worth of movies and television shows.

2. Our Brain Weighs Three Pounds

According to research, an average human brain weighs as much as a cantaloupe, which is three pounds. The amount of data we can stuff in it is fantastic compared to its weight and size.

3. The Brain Uses 20% Of The Body’s Energy And Oxygen

The oxygen and energy present in our body travel to the brain through our blood vessels. That is because nerve cells in the brain require energy and oxygen to function correctly. Without this, we can develop neurological disorders or experience impaired brain functioning.

4. Constant Sweating Can Shrink The Brain

Yes, we bet you did not know this fact before. Sweating for an hour and a half can shrink your brain temporarily. The size will be shrunk as much as a year of aging can do to your brain. Who knew sweating could be temporarily bad for your brain?

5. Our Brain Is Made Of 73% Water

Just 2% of dehydration can affect your memory and attention, which is why water is your best friend. That is because the brain is 73% water, and it needs hydration to function in the best way possible.

6. Our Brain Can Generate Fifteen Watts Of Electricity

Yes, your brain can provide enough electricity to power a low-wattage light bulb. That is because it can generate at least fifteen watts of electricity.

7. Brain Damage Can Occur After Five Minutes of No Oxygen

Oxygen is one of the most important things for your brain to function appropriately. Even five minutes of oxygen deprivation can lead to brain damage. That is because the brain cells start dying, which leads to this damage.

8. Emotions Can Alter Brain Chemistry

Emotions are powerful because they can alter our brain chemistry in the long run. The chemical reactions caused by emotions can be physically noticed in brain studies of gray matter and brain scans.

9. The Consistency And Texture Of Our Brain Is Similar To Tofu

We never looked at tofu the same way again after reading his. The texture and consistency of our brain are the same as tofu because it's mostly water and white and gray matter.

10. 95% Of Our Decisions Are Subconscious

If you think you have free will, you don't because 95% of decisions take place in the subconscious. That means they are beyond our conscious awareness.

Final Words

We hope you loved these ten facts about the brain. We bet you didn’t know all this before.